A Better Blog Than Mine…

I am admitting defeat.  I have found a blog better than mine, not only better, but funnier.

I present: Tonka’s Weekly Review Of Dance Music.

His first blog post included a review about fabric, or Club Fabric to him, quite amused me…in fact all of his writing does…I think I might have to give up blogging now…


my favourite ever club at the moment

Has to be Club Fabric in London. London is a city in England (just in case any foreigners read this. LOL) and Club Fabric is where you’ll find me most weekends. You’ll find me in Room 1 from 11pm right through to chucking out time. Its all about experiencing new things for me so I like to stick in Room 1 for the variety of music you get to dance to. Minimal, minimal techno, minimal house, techno and house are just a few of the different genres that can get played on a Saturday night on the famous Room 1 under-floor Funktion speaker system. The best looking birds all dance in Room 1 as well. My favourite trick is to pinch a fit looking bird’s arse and then look the other way when she turns around! Lads, apart from dropping Smarties that is the funniest thing you can do in Fabric. Has me howling like a fucking WOLF. Gets good around 5am as well because at that time they don’t know if they’re coming or going. I once got off with a bird without even talking to her – I think she thought I was her boyfriend. Go with the flow, that’s my motto.

Room 2 is where they play hardcore and trance. I once made a wrong turn after going for a shit and ended up in Room 2 tripping my tits off to DJ Dave Clarke. Never again. Felt like he’d took a fucking lump hammer to my box.

I’ve never been to Room 3 – it just sounds boring. I’ve heard it’s small, doesn’t have any lasers or underground speakers and I’ve never heard of any of the DJs who play in it. Fuck that.

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2 responses to “A Better Blog Than Mine…

  1. Keep an eye on Room 3 & give it a try sometime.. Subb-an & One Records blew the place apart earlier in the year on Superfreq night and it feels like a little private party up there.. people go up to dance, dance, dance … !

    LOVE Fabric on Saturdays hehe !!

  2. Thanks for the support, mate. My blog definitely is brilliant. I haven't read your's but I like the colours.

    Keep spreading my word like women's legs. And click on the ads so that I make some money.

    T x

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