Bringing Back Boring James

It is time to bring back boring James.  BJ.  Boring James.

It has been a hectic 6 or so weeks.  I have been in the fullest party mode since my Mango days, I think it is fair to say.  I will try to remember it all.

A weekend away in Lisbon, a half-weekend in Hull, I DJ’d twice and both were pretty heavy nights.  I’ve actually been clubbing 4 times in the time period – fabric’s birthday, Art Of Dark, The Hydra and then, well, it wasn’t clubbing actually, the Jeff Mills and BBC Symphony Orchestra event last Saturday.

A hell of a lot of fun.  And a hell of a lot of money spent.  I may have gone a little bit overdrawn.  Mum/Dad, if you are reading, don’t even think of sending me money.  I will send it back.  It isn’t for you to fund me going to nightclubs!

More importantly, my study backlog has shot up to 74 hours.  I have a plan of 10 hours studying a week.  This should be feasible.  If I don’t do my 10 hours then whatever I didn’t do carries over until the next week.  Unfortunately, this is really clocking up now.

So for both money and studying reasons, I am bringing back Boring James.

The next three weekends I am going to do as little as possible, and spend as little money as possible.

Which isn’t easy.

Tonight I am really looking forward to cooking a belated birthday dinner for the delightful Miss Hamilton.  I really enjoy cooking for people and rarely get the chance to…it’s even more difficult now I live in Bracknell, especially with the lack of space to entertain.  Hence I’m going to Reading tonight.  Ahhh the culture.  I cannot wait to see attractive women in the street for the first time since I last wasn’t in Bracknell.

On Tuesday I am going to watch Brentford vs Hull City.  I really cannot afford it, but the opportunity to watch Championship level football in a proper football ground…on a terrace, was too poignant an opportunity to dismiss.  It must be 15 years since I last stood on a terrace watching football.  I’m a little disappointed that it’s not going to be absolutely freezing cold.  And I can actually get the train directly to Brentford from Bracknell after work.  I’ve finally found an advantage to living here!

And then I have nothing else planned for the next two weekends…except go for roast dinners on Sundays, of course.

I might watch the Spain vs England football game in a pub, which I think is two Friday’s time.

This is about as close to nothing as I can muster.  Maybe I will go for a pie with someone.

Until 20th November when I will be back in party mode, full-on party mode, and DJing too.

I’m boring, boring boring boring.  So boring, so boring, boring tonight.

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