Complaint: Chick Chick Chicken

From last year…


Dear Sainsburys

I’ve been busy this week, really busy.  See, I’m
looking for somewhere to live, I have to move in two weeks and I am
spending a lot of time looking for somewhere to live.  It is a pain in
the backside.

So you can understand that I need my life to go smoothly at the moment.

my disappointment when I started to make my chicken salad on Wednesday
morning before work, and found the chicken looking rather dry and a
touch discoloured – and realised that the best before date was 27th

I have complained about this on a few occasions – I need
chicken for my salad during the week, and it needs to last the whole
week.  Normally you manage it, sometimes you don’t.

I know what
you are going to say, you always train your staff to pick the product
with good date ranges, and you’ll enhance the training, blah blah blah. 
I know, you’ve told me every time I’ve complained.

Mostly I am
happy with Sainsburys but I had to buy replacements this week –
including having to buy a pack of cooked chicken from Morrisons on
Wednesday, of all places.  Can you imagine the pain I suffered in

At least I didn’t have to shop in Tesco.



Dear James

Thank you for your email.  I am sorry that the chicken had a short shelf life.  I can appreciate the added hassle this has caused you to your already busy, busy life.

I am not going to bore you with the usual palaver, as you are already fully aware of our policy when it comes to pick items for our customers.  However, I am going to report this again to the store, as I do have faith that something will be done to improve the service.

I cannot start to comprehend the pain you must have suffered when crossing the doors of Morrisons and I am prepared to do my upmost to stop you from going to Tesco.  For this reason, I have sent you a £12 evoucher to cover the cost of the chicken and a little extra to ease your pain.  The code is xxxx.  Enter this code next time you check out and the amount will be deducted from the cost of your order.

Thank you again for getting in contact and I hope you find a beautiful place to live very soon and take a well deserved rest.  I hope you continue to be a loyal customer to Sainsbury’s.

Kind regards

Customer Manager
Sainsbury’s Online

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