Complaint: Wet Feet Winfield

Still posting my old complaints up – this is from where I bought some leaky shoes from Clarks in autumn 2014:

Dear Sir

I have only had these shoes for 7 weeks and already the stitching on the top is coming loose and when it rains my feet get wet.

If I lived in Dubai this would be fine, but with medium-long range models suggesting an unsettled first half to winter, I am going to regularly have wet feet.

Perhaps even worse, my blue socks with stars on now have a brown sheen from the bottom of my wet shoes.

I was under the impression that Clarks were supposed to be good quality but clearly not.

Too late to return them within the 28 days so now I am stuck with crap shoes and wet feet.

Wet regards
James “Wet-feet” Winfield


Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to email us regarding your order 25446989. I was very sorry to learn about your disappointment with your Astute Drop shoes.

We’re very proud of the quality of our footwear. To make sure we keep to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves, we carry out extensive testing on all our new materials and designs before they go on sale.

Just in case there are any complaints about our products, we give guidelines to all our stockists on how to deal with them quickly and fairly. They let us know about any complaints they receive and we use this information to help us improve for the future.

I am sure you will appreciate without seeing the footwear it’s difficult for us to comment.

Please return them to your local Clarks shop, along with your proof of purchase, so the manager can look into the problem and take the appropriate action.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and on behalf of Clarks, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards

Contact Centre Agent


The store were not keen to accept a refund but eventually were persuaded to do so.

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