Detox Complete

It’s all over bar the fat man singing.

31 days ago I drank my last pint of beer at Krakow airport, whilst on some pretty strong painkillers to get me through the flight.  The beer was at 3pm so as far as I am concerned, my detox is over in just a few hours time, meaning that I can have a beer with my Friday night pie.  Maybe even two.

I’m not going to go over the details of why I do a detox – you can read my detox blog post if you are bothered.  Basically to feel better, crush any dependencies (particularly caffeine), save money and lose weight.

Do I feel any better for it?  This was a question asked many times.  Until recently, the answer was no.  But I do feel better.  For example, I am waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual, so enough time to do a little exercise and a little studying.  It all adds up.

I am a little less tired on a Friday.  I have been more productive this month and have done plenty more studying.

I have saved money.  Hard to say how much but around £300, which I have been able to partly invest in my DJ set-up through a sound card, and also a CD printer.

Interestingly I have been less happy.  My average happiness rating during January was 5.9.  My average during my detox month was 5.4.  There are some caveats thought – January included my birthday and a holiday, my detox month started with a few days were I was pretty pissed off due to being ill.  Apart from those 3 days of being ill, I never went below a rating of 5.0 during my detox month – but never above 6.4.  During January my happiness rating varied quite substantially from 4.0 to 8.5.

Yes I do keep statistics on a lot of aspects of my life.  You should know this by now.

Most importantly to me, I lost weight.  I started the detox with a morning weight of 92kg.  I finished at 88kg.  Most days I came well under my calorie limit for losing weight.  It isn’t just the alcohol that stops me from losing weight, but the drunken chicken and the hangover fry-ups, not to mention the Monday survival sausage rolls, and that kind of thing.

It was much easier this year.  I managed to totally resist temptation and even DJ’d without a quibble, I was hardly bothered at all about the degenerate chaos around me.

Without doubt it has been a success and I will keep doing them every year.  I am even considering doing quarterly fortnight-long detoxes.

Roll on pie and beer time.  And then the slightly less fat man singing.

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