Dirty Warehouses and Mammoth Sleeps

I didn’t make it to either fabric or Mango on Sunday or Saturday respectively – but I’m not so fussed as I had true disco satisfaction after an excellent night at the Warehouse Project on Friday night!
The night takes place in a car park underneath the train station, and is very basic and rather dirty – musically and well, it is in dirty Manchester. I say it was basic as it was simply a couple of thousand people there for the music and a damn good party – no messing around, no poncing around, no leaving early.
The star was Richie Hawtin though perhaps because that was the only person I managed to see reasonably close after eventually squeezing a bit of disco space. Magda may well have been good but at this point we were running around after each other, trying to find a decent spot. Saw some of Marc Houle play live who was also really good.
Only slight gripes was how over-filled it was, and not having the same sound quality as fabric, but they cannot really be classed as gripes, just a tiny lack of perfection. And as it was sold-out before we got our tickets, one cannot really complain about being let in!
Thoroughly recommend it…though I think most nights are sold out now.
When I finally arrived back in Reading on Saturday afternoon, I decided upon a sleep. I was rather surprised to awake at 11 to see the sun still shining – then I realised that it was Sunday morning and I had slept for a record 21 hours! I guess I was still catching up as I wasn’t 100% fit on Friday.
I am struggling slightly with a lack of inspiration today. Looking forward to some kind of gravy-based meal tonight and that will probably be the only highlight of my day. Unless I discover a hot new tune but I have listened to nothing but turd so far.

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