Don’t Chop His Ed Off!

Back me: Miliband’s plea to plotters”

“Miliband fights for his political life”
“Miliband bid to disarm his party critics”
“Miliband fights off Labour coup”
“Bonfire Night Plot To Oust Ed”
“Secret plan for end of Miliband”
These are the delightful headlines this morning.
Delightful to a point.  For whilst it is a source of hilarity to find Ed Miliband has become more unpopular than the maligned Nicholas Clegg, we do actually need him as leader of the Labour Party.
For Odd Miliband is one of our greatest electoral assets.  Many people in the country are aware that him and Balls were totally complicit in the disastrous previous administration.  Balls was central to the spectacularly failed economic policy and Ed was in charge of policy to increase consumer’s energy bills.
I am in no doubt that had his brother won the leadership election, we would be significantly behind in the polls, as opposed to now where we average 1 point behind – which is nothing as there is usually a bounce to the incumbent party come election day.
Thankfully we saw the same in 2010 when the PLP (parliamentary Labour party) had similar wobbles when it realised that Gordon Brown was about to get an electoral kicking but never had the balls to replace their failed leader.  Call it loyalty, or call it stupidity.
David Cameron is all too aware that the Conservative party are ruthless when necessary, instilling the requirement for him to be a strong leader that respects yet stands up to the opinions of his back-benchers.
I really cannot see Labour making what would probably be a wise decision for them, and the second nail in the Conservative election campaign by deposing of their desperately unpopular leader.  Defenestration is just not a Labour thing.
Weak, unpopular, policy-free, union-led, economically incoherent and downright odd.
If only Nigel Farage had such problems…
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