Everything Is Good

I have not been blogging as much as normal recently.

But I have been really enjoying life.  I am in a super mood.  Why?

Well Ricardo at fabric and Sven at Cocoon the last two weekends are major contributors.  I might be in my 30’s but no way I am anywhere near clubbing retirement, I could even see myself going more next year!

This weekend looks good, gravy tonight.  What more does a boy need?  And tomorrow night I am going to The Star Inn near Twyford for my good friend, Ben’s, birthday drinks, and onto From Disco To Disco.

Speaking of which, one thing I have been working on recently is my long-promised website, Ubereadoolische, to help promote the underground scene in Reading.  It is a passion of mine and my future career plan is to do web design.  I appreciate the design itself is still fairly basic but I am learning from scratch in my own time.

Whether the website is a hit is kind of incidental as it is my project where I can test what I learn.

However I will be doing my best to create something special and this week I launched the features page with an interview of Ryan MacGregor, of From Disco To Disco fame.  All feedback appreciated, and suggestions/input, mixes, whatever.  It isn’t just done for the selfish reason of my future portfolio.

Kind of also connected is I finally did my techno DJ mix that I have long threatened to do.  I am really happy with it, I know there are a couple of imperfections but I am loving listening to it.  I really think it takes you on a journey – Sven has been an excellent teacher.  I am sure my fellow DJ friends will appreciate how much more you can enjoy your own mixes from most other DJs.

It is called Pavement Cyclists.

Also planned is a trance mix, an 80’s mix and a Christmas mix.  Maybe.

Really busy at work too, I am happier than I have been in a job for several years.  Really happy.

So all is good in the world of Winfield.  I just thought I should blog about how happy I am and how much I am loving life and I want you to feel the love too because I love my friends, family and dear readers very much – 100,000 page views not far away!!! xxx

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