Feeling Inspired

I’ve had a truly inspiring weekend so far.

Maybe it is the glimpses of sunshine (those that follow my weather forecasts will have long been expecting this, and can be quite confident of what the summer will be like), maybe it was my sister coming to visit me, totally unplanned but absolutely had a brilliant and fun time with her…there really is no better something in the world than family.  Speaking of inspiring, and family, my Dad today did some stupid 25 mile walk over big hills in Yorkshire.  I say stupid because I cannot understand why someone would want to do that kind of walk.  Actually maybe I can.  You have to challenge yourself in life, you have to break out of your comfort zone.

Don’t be boring.

Anyway, so what has inspiration got me so far this weekend, other than a big smile on my face and a Sweeney Todd’s pie?

Well I am getting a new phone.  Not until the end of the month.  But it is a cracking phone.  Too good to tell you what it is.  And it definitely has nothing to do with that abominable corporation, Apple.

If you bought shares in Apple and are making a profit on them – sell, sell, sell!  Danger danger.  Invest elsewhere.

Speaking of selling, it appears that you can sell anything nowadays.

Literally anything:

This is a large set of keys.  Each key is about 15-20cm long.  Made out of metal.

Please, please, please can you find me a reason why someone would buy this?  What functionality do they perform?  And yes, yours for £30, Sir.

And then, wait for it, a special for the Olympics:

Yes – you can buy a 50p coin for £3.

Maybe, just maybe, that will become collectable in about 50 years time and you can sell it for £5,000.  But inflation will have eaten away your investment anyway, surely.  And you will probably accidentally spend it.

So yes, the world really is your Oyster.  You can create anything, do anything you want to.

I’m inspired.  I hope you are too.  Much love x
(oh and of course a little plug for my bit of creativity, http://www.facebook.com/freehouseprojectuk)

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