Flathunting – Scam?! I wonder…

Thanks for the reply and the sincere interest you have in my flat.My flat is one bedroom flat self contained , fully furnished in and out and also has garden with is parking space in my flat,I spoke with my lawyer concerning the interest you have in my flat and we both agreed to have you in my flat.

However it is unfortunate that my past bitter experience of inviting people to come and view or reserve my flat without any form of confirmation of their financial ability and not keeping up to time as at when scheduled, has brought about great loss to me. I have traveled all the way from Ireland to take some interested candidates round my flat because that’s where i work with (P. Elliott & Company)

Some tenants do not have the money to pay the rent and yet they disturb the the landlord to arrange a viewing with their friend or relative who are in city so some do not meet up with the appointments which has led to the dismissal of some landlords in office by their employers.

Henceforth my lawyer and i have decided to carry out a simple test on financial ability to pay for my rent before coming for viewing.I would have asked you to provide your bank statement but some prospective candidate has misused the opportunity in the past providing fake document. At least one month rent and security deposit which is £ 400 which is refundable after your stay in my flat, would be required from you to transfer through western union money transfer, You will make the transfer with your name as a sender and someone close to you as a receiver (Partner/Friend).

Once you have done this, Scan the receipt to me and if you do not have scanner, you may write out the details on the receipt as it’s stated on the transfer receipt and will send it to my lawyer to verify if it’s truly genuine and available in your custody, after verification, then we can Schedule convenient day for the viewing on and you can as well tell your Receiver to pick up the money and also, i will refund back to you the cost of transfer when we meet.

I look forward to reading from you.


My response:

1. Your flat is not in a convenient location.
2. I was not born yesterday.

Hmmm, I thought the price was way too good to be true.

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