Freitag, ja?

Finally Friday is here, a cause for celebration any time.

I have to admit that I have been marginally below average on the happiness scale this week, but only marginally and feeling very lazy, I have done so little of what I intended to do…feeling slightly under the weather too as I haven’t been eating my 5 a day.  Or even 1 a day.  Stupid James.

Anyway, all is back to being above average again, the sun is shining, I am having a steak and ale pie cooked for me by my sister/her housemates, hopefully without peas.  This should partly compensate for a severe lack of house music in my ears.

I’m looking forward to my weekend in Northampton, it is quite a nice little town, some fairly ugly bits but some nice bits too and a good range of pubs, especially away from the horrid chain places.  Some slightly bizarre people scattered around.  And a very high amount of those people trying to convert you.

This is the picture of the bus station:

My sister’s birthday very soon so the perfect excuse for drinks and celebration.

I have also been enjoying the sunshine, I haven’t done any sunbathing as such as I am trying to be productive, but I have walked around the shops, bought a couple of items for my upcoming holiday in Ibiza.

Did I mention I am going to Ibiza in 8 days time?  Cocoon here I come!

Have a lovely weekend…I will 🙂

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