From Disco To Disco

From Disco To Disco.

So I braved another night out in Reading, this time on the basis of the name.

It is in the relaxed Up The Junction bar in Cemetery Junction. Quite a basic looking place but this is dance music and elegant looking places tend to be full of tossers. And it is free entry and very reasonably priced drinks too.  What more do you require?

Oh yeah, music.

Musically I am delighted to announce that it was most definitely up my street…about time! A mix of disco, new and old, house, garage and electro (nothing too painful) with some proper classics thrown in, and a nice friendly crowd.

I still have a sore throat from the overused smoke machine but a night out without some kind of damage to oneself isn’t a proper night out!

Finally I have found a monthly night out in Reading playing my kind of music that I will be endeavouring to go to every month…the second Saturday of each month.

It gets the James Winfield seal of approval.  How rarely do you hear that?!

Take note fellow potential promoters in Reading. It can be done! Do it…and book me 😉  Or I will have to live up to my threat to organise my own night and DJ for the whole 8 hours by myself.

But much more importantly fellow dancers – get down to future events!  I won’t be at the one in March due to my mam’s 60th birthday, which is a reasonable excuse, but I will be endeavouring to go to every one I can.


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