Higher Hate Of Hangovers

It’s only two weeks since my detox finished but already I am collecting post-alcohol frustration.

Last Friday I got rather hammered.  I had a self-rage from leaving my suitcase on the train, only then to feel the need to celebrate retrieving it.  I was pretty hammered – somehow and for some unknown reason, I got the 6:15am train back to London.  I do not remember the tube journey at all.

15 years ago that would have been a badge of honour.  Now it pisses me off.

I like a beer.  I like a beer or two.  I love a glass of red wine with dinner occasionally.  And I really love a beer sat in a pub garden on a warm spring or summer day slying admiring cleavage.

But getting drunk is such a hindrance to my life now – I have other priorities and really cannot justify the hangovers at the moment.

Saturday was a complete waste.  I could hardly get out of bed.
Sunday was mostly wasted – I certainly couldn’t do any coding.
Monday was mostly wasted – I still didn’t have the head to do much coding.
Tuesday was productive – a proper 8am to 6pm coding/studying day.
Then Wednesday through to today, I have had some form of mini-manflu – I’ve battled on but been nowhere near as productive as I need to be.

So it has been a half wasted week, all down to getting far too drunk on Friday night.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun.  I had a great night – even the two hours where I thought I had lost my suitcase and wanted to repeatedly punch myself were pretty enjoyable thanks to having some good company.

But it has led to me being set back a week in my progress towards completing some more projects to go towards my portfolio, and hence helping me achieve my goal of getting that dream job, and keeping it.

Not to mention I put 2kg on in two weeks which was pretty damn annoying.  Though now mostly lost – I really am trying to lose weight this year, and successfully too.

Maybe I’m too hard on myself, maybe I have too high expectations of myself.

It’s Friday night and although I fancy a beer, I really am too focused on what I need to do tomorrow in terms of coding, to have any more than vaguely considered it.  Yes, Friday night, and I actually would prefer not to have a drink.  I am that pissed off with alcohol.

Getting so drunk really cannot have a place in my life any more.  I have far too much to achieve.

Though I’m still having a pint on Sunday with my roast dinner.  Or two.

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