Hull City’s Brilliantly Crap New Shirt Sponsor

One has to laugh at the repeated crapness of my football club, and it’s team, Hull City. I cannot take them too seriously.

First we go on a record-breaking run of 30 away games without a win (or was it 31?) and then follow that up immediately with a new club record away games without a defeat of 17 games.

However, I think we have outdone ourselves with the new shirt sponsor for next season.

Yes – you saw that right – Cash Converters.

Possibly the most popular shop in Hull outside of Poundland. The perfect place for all the smackheads to sell their electric goods that they acquired last night.

I do have to add that the club haven’t confirmed that they are our new shirt sponsors – but more tellingly, they have not denied it and those on the Hull City message boards which seem to have inside connections to the club believe it is true.

Undeniably classy.

And another quick Hull City piece of stupidity from one of their players, Richard Garcia. He was offered a new contract 3 months ago, delays signing it – and is now injured for 9 months. Clever.

One final piece of Hull’s stupidity – there is a new plan from Hull City Council to install solar panels on 5,000 council houses. Yes – solar panels in Hull. Even Manchester gets more sunshine than Hull.

Any idea which political party runs Hull City Council? Yes, you guessed it, those most financially prudent of political types – Labour.

How long before the smack-heads take them to Cash Converters?

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4 responses to “Hull City’s Brilliantly Crap New Shirt Sponsor

  1. Better but Adidas as a sponsor? The Sepp Blatter loving company? How dreadful. Bring back Kappa.

  2. Love it! Makes us look cheap and nasty!
    It seems that Liverpool city council also have the same idea about fitting solar panels to all the spongers houses to make life even more cheaper for them. You couldnt make it up. Where is this money coming from if no-one is working to pay their council tax? arrgghhh. Bloody Labour

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