I Agree With Nick Shock!

So Nick Clegg has said that Gordon Brown is “a desperate politician”. Tell me something I didn’t previously know.

But it means that I finally can say “I agree with Nick”!

The main thing that worries me about the sudden popularity of Nick Clegg is that it means a hung parliament is a much more likely outcome than an outright Conservative victory.

However, Nick Clegg previously said he would work with whoever has the greatest electoral mandate – and Labour have the 3rd highest at the moment.

As much as I want a clear Conservative victory, I am not totally anti Lib-Dems and would accept a sharing of power between the Conservatives and Lib-Dems as an acceptable second-best solution – as it would mean rid of Gordon Brown.

The scariest likely option is that Nick Clegg decides to share power with Gordon Brown – 5 more years of Gordon Brown is too scary a prospect. But these comments give hope that this would not happen.

And did anyone note that there was some kind of vague embrace between Nick Clegg and David Cameron at the end of the debate on Thursday, whilst Gordon Brown walked off. Maybe they have hatched a plot together to ensure that Gordon Brown is disposed of – after all I am sure that the Conservatives would rather have the Lib Dems as the second party than the country/economy-destroying Labour party.

Roll on 7th May and a new leadership please! Take me with you David (and Nick too if you must)

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