I’m A Stats Freak

Are you interested in who else reads my incredibly inciteful writings? Probably not as interested as I am, because I am a little bit of a geek at heart.

But I’m going to tell you some stats anyway.

In total I have had up to 18th April 2010, a total of 140 unique visitors. 21% of visitors come from the links I post to my Facebook wall. 27% come directly to the blog. 7% found the blog on a Google search – the remainder came from listings on blog sites.

The most unique visitors I have had on a single day is 17 – I equalled my record yesterday. It does tend to be when I have blogged about something topical like Cheryl Cole or volcanoes that I get the most visitors.

Finally it may not be a surprise that 95% of my visitors come from the UK. As I expect my blog to mainly be read by friends and acquitancies, this is not really a shock.

However I have had visitors from 10 different countries/territories; UK, USA, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Israel, Italy and Gibraltar (hi Ashely!).

My words are spreading, ha ha ha!!!

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