James Is Back

Hello world, I am back from my Facebook break.

I de-activate my Facebook account every 6-8 months for a few days or sometimes even a week.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who feels they spend too much time on Facebook.  It has allowed me time away to reprioritise my life and concentrate on other things – I was spending way too much time on there!  I’m sure I probably missed out on a few things that would have interested or amused me, but life goes on.

One annoying thing about not being on Facebook is that I do not get anywhere near as much visibility for what I think are my sometimes delightful ramblings on my blog.  Blogs, now.  Yes, I have three blogs now, and plans for a fourth shortly.

Firstly I have separated out my weather forecasts onto a new weather related blog – I will continue my twice weekly forecasts on there, but also give more regular brief updates, and post links to spectacular weather videos that I discover, like the crazy Tuscaloosa Tornado.

And I am on a mission with my top tunes blog, so much good music that I keep discovering, it is ridiculous, and I have about 30 or more tracks in my head that I have heard that I have no idea what they are but need to find out.  It is seriously getting out of hand.  These music producers need to stop this insanity and go get a real job.  Too much good music, ha ha!  Of course, I am joking, bring it on, I want more.

I have changed it so only the 30 most recent appear on the page, so it should load much quicker now – and all the older ones are archived on the right hand side.

You may also have missed my blog about my trip to London for the Royal Wedding.  Surely nobody is bored of hearing about that wedding yet?

Other things that have amused me greatly, include the union leader who was arrested for breaching the set limit of 20 people on a traffic island, under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.  Excellent!  The trade unions seem to be threatening war now their corrupt paymasters are no longer in charge of the country.  So anything like this, makes me smile.  I hope the same happens to Bob Crow, the leader of the RMT who has announced 6 strike dates for the London Underground.  He is a disgrace.

I shall stop before I start a proper rant!

Looking forward to a fairly relaxing weekend, I do have the urge to go back into London, but it can wait.  I really want to go see Sven Vath at fabric on 21st May…I might have to go by myself…I might just bloody well do so.  But if anyone cares to join me, please do.  Oh and if anyone has some time on their hands, I can recommend this blog and collection of videos of Sven Vath that fabric have put together.  Puts a smile on my face every time.

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