James & The Royal Wedding

I have to say that going to London to watch the Royal Wedding was one of the best decisions of my life.  Everything about the day was exceptional, it is not so easy to put into words.

A lot of people seemed indifferent about it, but I just had this urge to go into London and be a part of it, and most gratefully, so did my very good friend, JP. And it was an exceptionally enjoyable day.

We decided to go to Trafalgar Square to watch it, we got there just in time as they soon closed all the entrances as it became pleasantly full. We tried to see if we could get down the Mall but that was apparantly too busy so we stayed in Trafalgar Square.
JP had quite a bit of attention from professional photographers and some foreign media, including one interview, thanks to his hair.
It was just a great day out, everyone in such a good mood, people from all walks of life, from all over the world, all congragating, all talking to each other, for one very happy occasion.
It was a moment when I could again feel proud to be British. I could feel proud to be a part of this country. I feel that this is another step on the road to recovery for the whole country, and its people.
I cannot wait for the Olympics in London, as this will be another spectacle of how enjoyable life is and should be.
We did also feel the need to finish off the day with some pounding relentless techno in the converted public toilet that is Public Life, in Shoreditch.
Some very happy people in there too, dancing away, though pounding techno was probably not exactly what I was desiring after such a happy occasion – I would much have preferred some house music.
I am feeling the need to get back to London as soon as possible, perhaps for some daytime Shoreditch partying, or to see Sven at fabric on Saturday 21st May. Other suggestions welcomed.
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