James Went To Liechtenstein

It was was time for a day trip to Liechtenstein – the smallest country that I have been to.

Just the 6th smallest country in the world.

Let’s see if I can write this in the time it takes to get from Basel to Strasbourg, for the next stage of my adventure.

Doing some research beforehand, a lot of Swiss people seem to think going to Liechtenstein is weird – because there is little there, and what there is there are better versions of in Switzerland (ie mountains, forests, galleries, etc). So I went with the idea that maybe I’d go for a couple of hours and then move on.

I’d booked one of the few bargains to be had in Switzerland, and that is a €59 go anywhere day pass – which includes trains, buses and trams, not that my ticket was even checked on the bus going from Sargans to Vaduz in Liechtenstein.

The views were unsurprisingly stunning – mountains on one side, lakes on the other – the Doncaster to Hull service this wasn’t.

Views on the train from Zurich to Sargans

It took 2 hours from Basel, where I was based, to Sargans – where you catch the bus to Vaduz in Switzerland, another 30 minutes. And the bus was pretty much just weirdos ticking another country off the list. Why not?!

What I Did In Liechtenstein

Well, I didn’t do much but I tickled some of my favourite things.

First, a hike partway up the mountain overshadowing Vaduz, through gorgeous forest, past a stunning castle, and to the lookout point:

For some reason I couldn’t persuade my brain to go right to the edge, apparently my brain insists that one step away is totally fine, another step is not. Weird.

View of Vaduz from the lookout

I would have hiked longer if I was staying in Liechtenstein – maybe I should have stayed there a night.

And then I had a beer in the sun. OK, I can do that anywhere, but I have had very few days of sunshine in 2024 so far…and this was the first day of this holiday with sunshine.

Wine Tasting

I then went to The Princely Wine Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein, which sounds rather glam. It was a little strange – they seated everyone as far apart from each other as possible, as if covid was still a thing. Being a solo wine-r I did get a little bored, and made my excuses before it finished.

We did have a little tour of the grounds and where the wine was made – the Pinot Noir that they grow there was actually really good. As was the Liesecco – you can probably guess what that is.

Also they gave us some old bread with gorgeous cheese. For €19…it wasn’t bad, but perhaps I should have skilled it and gone to spend some time next to the lake on the way back to Zurich/Basel instead.

There was an art gallery in Vaduz too, albeit not open on a Monday when I visited – but also there are plenty of sculptures around town, even more sculptures than there are banks. Yep, Liechtenstein does have a rather moneyed feel to it.

And, yes, I did finish writing this before the train got to Strasbourg, bar adding the images.

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