Last Year’s Books

Whilst I’m at it, I did actually read a few books last year.  I won’t bang on long about them.

In no particular order…because I cannot remember what order I read them in.

The Last Party

This was all about Studio 54, the nightclub at the epicentre of the disco world in New York in the 1970’s.  The story of how one of the most famous nightclubs in the world came about, from the moon with the coke spoon, to celebrities on white horses, sex, drugs, more sex, shitloads more drugs and crime.

The book starts off rather boring but I really grew into the story.  Then halfway through it seems to finish – all good nightclubs come to an end but the end of the story started with 200 pages to go.  My interest in it tailed off towards the end of the book but it was an excellent read to find out more about one of the most famous and important nightclubs ever.

Clubland Confidential

This books starts off by describing in some detail what a k-hole is, which was interesting to learn – yes it is a book about possibly the messiest group of clubbers in the world, again set in New York, the story of Michael Alig and the famous Club Kids.

It sheds a light on a fascinating world and made me truly want to be one of the freakish club kids whilst I was reading it, despite how fucked up they were clearly getting – it seemed a very glamorous life.

Then it all falls apart due to a famous murder and the FBI’s dislike of New York nightlife.

It is a story full of criminals and drugs, and a fascinating education of a more recent period of New York nightlife (more recent than Studio 54 anyway).

But the last third is far too detailed in the nuances of court cases and I couldn’t wait to finish the book.

Altered State

This is the story of Ecstasy culture and acid house.  I don’t remember an awful lot about this book, it was a good read and detailed the history of the early acid house days very well, from the idealism of Shoom to the gangsterism of the warehouses, and the police/government war on raves.

Definitely worth a read, and yeah there is lots of drugs in it.

Into The Storm

One of my closest friends got me this for Christmas the other year – it is the story of Reed Timmer, one of the most famous storm-chasers in America.

He has written the book himself and you can tell.  It is very matter of fact – he is a scientist after all – the book would have been more enjoyable had it been written by a writer.

There is a fair amount of educative moments in between the chases, so the book is mixed between fun, danger and learning.

Also he visited little old Reading once.  Wasn’t exactly overly impressed with our thunderstorms!

I did though become greatly in admiration of the adventurous, boyish Reed Timmer, to the point where I now subscribe to his tornado videos and follow him and his storm-chasing crew – which is now a very professional and impressive set-up – as much as I follow Sven or Ricardo.  Well, nearly.


So yeah, I read more books about clubbing than attended proper club nights.  Fuck I’m getting boring.

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