Lent 2015

What do paper clips, zebra crossings and French swear words all have in common?

I have, in previous years, given them up for Lent.

Yes Lent is that sacrificial period that I take slightly more seriously than Ramadan (seriously – how do you go without drinking water during the day??).

And I continue in such reverent vain this year as I am giving up pruning my eyebrows.

No plucking, no shaving, no form of eyebrow management is allowed for 40 days.

You may jest but I am of the age where a fair proportion of my eyebrow hairs grow in different directions and seemingly want a mullet of their own, or perhaps they are trying to scare the birds away.

My eyebrows need management.  I seriously do not understand why many older guys, especially politicians, allow these great pampas bushes to grow above their eyes – seriously guys, sort them out.  They are nearly as ridiculous as women who paint their eyebrows on.

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