Lent Is Lent

Those that know me will know that I am not exactly the most religious person in the world.

I’m not one of those people that think religion is the cause of all evil in the world – yes sure it has caused a few wars in its time.  Religion has a place in the world, but not in my life.

I don’t feel I need to follow somebody else’s guidance, I can follow my own morals and cohabit peacefully with anyone around me.

I do however have a reasonable comprehension why others may feel the desire to have a faith in their life and I think it is up to the individual to decide.  I believe in freedom of choice.

In recent years I have decided that I should find something suitable to give up for lent.

Last year, I cannot remember what I gave up.  It is probably on my blog but I cannot be arsed to look.

The year before, I tried to give up words ending in ‘ent’ – like bent or magnificent.  This was difficult especially when talking.  Not so bad when writing because I could quickly hit delete.

In 2010, I gave up paper clips.  Fairly easy once I got out of the habit and used staples though I definitely annoyed a few people at work by not using paper clips.

So this year I have been pondering.  It isn’t easy to think of something suitable to give up for weeks on end.  Someone suggested to me to give up gravy – but I love gravy.  Why would I give up something I love for something that has no meaning to me?

I have decided therefore that a reasonable sacrifice would be to give up zebra crossings.

Wish me luck.

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