Lent: Pass Or Fail? ;-) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

You may be aware that I gave up the humble semi-colon for Lent.

It was Easter just gone, in case you didn’t realise, and I am now slowly getting back in the habit of using them.

I think I may have got into trouble with my joking sarcastic manner once or twice on Facebook, etc by not using the 😉

Anyway, enough teasing – so how did I do?

Well, in the final week I think it was, I accidentally hit the ; instead of a ,

I quickly wrote fuck, and apologised but it was done.

However, the week before that, I realised that my e-mail client at both home and work, was separating my recipients with semi-colons when there was more than one recipient, and I could hardly keep sending the same e-mail several times especially when I was at work, so I guess I failed.

Bloody good attempt though.

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