Life Is So Terribly Unfair!!

Why I am being punished once again?

I moved into a new flat only 3 minutes walk away from the bus route number 4 to get to work, and two months later, Reading Buses withdraw it. I can still get to work on the bus, but from two weeks time I will have to walk to the bus station (of sorts) which is 15 minutes away.

Although I can then get a bus for £1.30 rather than £1.70, it means that I will then walk past the delightful Crumbs (just off Broad Street in Reading – use Google to find it) which sells the best sausage rolls in the world. This is not good for bank balances or weight levels. At least the drivers on the Park & Ride bus are slightly less miserable and once every few months if I have one of the 12-journey tickets which they mark with a hole per journey, they will not notice the previous hole and re-hole it, giving me a free bus journey. Free bus journey days are excellent days.

All clouds as they say…though remind me of this when it is below zero with a biting northerly wind on my walk to the station.

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