Loving The Sunshine

I am so glad that I got out in the sunshine a bit this weekend – yes I know it is still a bit chilly in the air, and if you follow my weather blog you will be fully aware that I am not exactly expecting a glorious March.  I keep saying cold and snow and March.  I am not convinced anyone believes me.

Still, I am wrong sometimes in my weather predictions, I don’t mind being wrong as it is stupidly difficult to get it right a reasonable amount of the time.  I am just trying to increase my understanding.  Hopefully in 20 years or so I will have a good understanding of the whole of the northern hemisphere and will be able to advise well in advance the likelihood of major natural weather-related disasters to try to minimise the impact that the growing world human population will have on its surroundings.

Though ideally someone with the resources will do it before me.

Until then I shall merrily plod along my way, working, continuing my creativity and of course my love for music.

I was humbled to meet a DJ called Jim at the weekend, who apparently owns 40,000 records.  With 50 years of DJing behind him.  I struggled to take it all in as I thought about the passion that I had for music which is just incomparable.

I thought music was my life.

And then I met Jim.  Totally over-awed.

Anyway, I had a walk in the sunshine today and took some beautiful photos.

I guess not everyone will be able to appreciate the beauty, but what is going on here is fantastic.

The transformation of the train station in Reading is very long overdue and very necessary.  Construction and engineering are wonderful, I greatly admire those that not only design it, but do it, and the team-work and organisation that has to go into such projects.

And finally, they have removed those shockingly ugly unused houses near the station!

The Malthouse would make a perfect kind of house-music town-centre pub with a large outdoor area.  I know it is a bit out of the way at the moment but once the station is complete, and potentially station hill too, then this will be a prime piece of pub real estate and it should have a house music beat to it please!  We need to keep the young creative types in Reading, we cannot lose them all to London.

Sadly I missed Ricardo Villalobos at fabric last night.  I didn’t go.  I didn’t have a dancing partner, and I didn’t really want to spend that amount of money and then have to queue up for ages by myself, etc (though I spent shitloads in Reading anyway).  And I have work on Monday morning and I am focused on making sure I pass my probation period as I am fully aware that I have only just restarted my career.

Though reading the forums today, there was no queue at 8am, so I could have gone without worry.

And apparently it was a bit special.  Bugger.

So now I need to find somewhere I can go see him asap.  Even if it involves a plane ticket.  I don’t care.

I feel like I have done so much…and I have.  I have celebrated a good friend’s birthday, had some long overdue catch ups with very good friends, been out in the sunshine, walking around, watched politics on TV at 6am in the morning having an argument with my screen – “no to socialism, Hannspree XM”. No. No. No.

I’m going on a bit aren’t I?

I think I shall end it here.  I had a great weekend, I hope you did too.

Hoping for a productive week, with the minimum of distractions and then more celebrations this coming weekend…

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