My Hot Office

Those of you lucky enough to be my friend or have met me once and accepted my offer of Facebook friendship will know that I work in a rather hot office.  31’C kind of hot, on sunny days.  26’C kind of hot on cloudy, wet days.

Albeit during the depths of winter we are all sat here with coats, gloves and scarves on.

I have moaned enough about it so time came to write to my MP to request legislation about maximum working temperatures.  Time at the bar, that was.


Dear Alok Sharma,

I work in an office which regularly records temperatures of 26’C during
the summer, and this week has managed to record temperatures of 31’C.

I do not think this is acceptable, but a year of complaining and one
solitary portable air conditioning later, I am at the end of my tether,
as we say up north.

I believe it is having an affect on my health, and that of other

Is there any legislation I can point my employers towards, to encourage
them to look after the welfare of their staff?

My only other alternative is to contact a trade union. But I am a
staunch Thatcherite and that doesn’t sit well with me!

Yours sincerely,
James Winfield




But that was a pretty dumb idea really.  Why write to a Conservative government asking for extra business legislation?  What was I thinking?!

I should have written to my MEP.  Doh.  The European Union will fix it for me.

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