New Dance Music Genre Title Alert

It has been a while.

My previous have been much better than the one I am about to announce in shame, backdoor trance, animinimal and semi-detached house being three of the better ones.

I am having a classification problem with certain tunes like Moda by Retro/Grade.

Are they electro? Disco? Techno? House? Well they are all of them but I tended towards techno and disco more.

So I thought, I need a new genre (for my own organisation sake – yes blah blah blah “its all house”, whatever, I am just trying to organise my brain).

Anyway – techno disco became…wait for it…tesco.

I hang my head in shame.

I really do, and I am pleased that I can type whilst looking at the floor (ok I had to correct one spelling mistake).


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