No Google

This is my letter to Google following my 40 days of Lent without Google Searches. It really wasn’t easy and I do not recommend it.


Dear Google

I thought I would share my story about Lent.

I’m not a fan of religion and in no way am I willing to give up something like food or alcohol for some bizarre religious idea.

But I like to join in with things still so last year I gave up paper clips for Lent which was fairly easy.

This year I had the bright idea of giving up Google Searches.

It was not so easy. Firstly I tried to use Bing but it was just not giving me the satisfactory search results I had become used to. Next I tried Yahoo which was ok but still not a patch on Google.

I’m sure I did accidentally search with Google a couple of times when drunk or something as it is so ingrained into my life.

You probably already realise that Google is the best search engine out there, but I have to prove these things to myself.

I hope you appreciate my research and continue to provide excellent search results.

Lent was difficult this year and I was so glad for it to pass so I could get back to normal life.

Next year I will give up something easier, perhaps tin foil.

All the best

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