No No To BoJo

I used to be a huge fan of Boris Johnson.

Hell, even as recently as 2015, I said (and I cannot quite believe I wrote this), “But I do really want Boris as leader,  He would be an inspirational leader.  He would really take our country forward and I feel that he would be able to deliver a two-term Conservative majority.  He has that common touch.”.

After all, he supported immigration, he defended bankers, he attacked murderous bastards like Assad, he supported Britain being in the EU, and especially the Single Market.  Didn’t he?

He seemed a liberal Conservative, which is what I viewed myself as.

Yet, I always had one huge doubt in my mind – and that was his repeated infidelity.  His lack of trustworthiness gnawed away at my conscience.

Somehow, I would over-ride that, believing that he was on my side, believing that he was a liberal Conservative.  My thought process at the time was, “maybe that doesn’t matter”.  Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Then, of course, he stabbed liberals such as myself (note the small ‘l’) in the front, with his declaration for Brexit.  Not that I particularly believed that he supported it at the time, and the images when the leave campaign won suggested that didn’t change.

What we do know is that Boris supports Boris.

I wasn’t the only person to believe that Boris supported Brexit because he thought it was his best chance of becoming Prime Minster – though with the expectation of being the losing (lying) hero of the Conservative Brexit masses.

I will only be cheated on once before I never trust someone again, so I have absolutely no time at all for Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

But he isn’t there to be my Prime Minister.  He is only Prime Minister for Brexiters – and given my previous support for him before I learnt not to trust him, I can understand why Brexiters are revelling in his bluster and bullshit.  He is their Prime Minister.  He is doing (or threatening/pretending) to do exactly as they wish.

Liberals such as myself no longer matter.  Those that care about the economy and business can get fucked.  The thoughts and concerns of remainers are totally irrelevant now.  It has been like we don’t exist over the last few years, and now it is set to get worse – with no attempt at balance within government.

We have Priti Patel who supports hanging as Home Secretary.  Yes, hanging.  We have Dominic “Close Down Parliament” Raab as Foreign Secretary.  Yes, he who didn’t know that Dover was an important port.  Liz “This Is A Disgrace” Truss who pretends to be a “no deal” Brexiter as Trade Secretary.

On the anniversary of the 1965 Murder Act, and the abolition of the Death Penalty, here is Priti Patel arguing for its reintroduction…

— Tides Of History (@labour_history) November 8, 2017

These are not people that I can support.  I can tolerate one or two of the more backwards Tories being in government – but this is top-heavy with bastards.  Not forgetting, the head of Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings who is now a powerful unelected bureaucrat.  Can anyone remind me if we support unelected bureaucrats?  I’ve forgotten.

I cannot see me voting Conservative in the next general election as things stand.  Even the threat of a communist government might not be enough to persuade me – after all, if Conservative MPs couldn’t give a fuck about the country and the economy, why should I?

Time to re-brand and get a new domain name, I guess.

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