Priorities For Government

I had an e-mail recently from the Tories asking me what my top 3 priorities for this country are.

I think I picked housing, deficit/debt and welfare.  I cannot remember for definite, it doesn’t really matter for this post.

What amused me is that a Labour-voting friend then received something similar a week later:


We are the party of the many.

Ed Miliband and our whole team here are clear: our policies and vision
for Britain must be grounded in the ideas, lives and views of as many
Labour supporters as possible.

As of now, that includes you, ****.

So tell us: which of these national issues do you think is the most
important facing Britain?

Thank you for making the Labour movement stronger by sharing your views
with us.

Best wishes,

Harriet Harman
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

from Labour HQ emails
. We won’t pass on your email address to anyone
else: see
our privacy policy
. Reproduced from an email sent by the Labour
Party, promoted by and on behalf of the Labour Party at One Brewer’s
Green, London SW1H 0RH.


And yes that is what the e-mail looked like.  A 3-year old could design something better.

But most importantly have you noticed what the Labour Party don’t think is a national issue?


Yes the world-famous deficit denying party does not think it is an issue.

Labour = More Debt.

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