Probably The Most Disastrously Worrying Event Of My Adult Life

Today is payday.

Some people will treat themselves to the finest steak they can locate.  Others will upgrade frm 613 Oxford Road to a more refined Ascot hooker.  Others will eschew their usual 5% pure Colombian for their dealer’s special £100 Bolivian (the only reason I know about this is because I read an article in the Economist).

I know how to live, and am always looking to take the minimal techno’n’roll lifestyle to the next level so I decided to pop by Morrisons in Bracknell so I could stock up on chicken Goldenfry Gravy.

Do you see any Goldenfry?  No.  Do you see anywhere to put any Goldenfry?  No.

This is a disaster.  FML.

If you are my true friend or simply just in love with me then you will help me get over this tragedy.

What the hell am I going to do?  Apart from complain, obviously.

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