Putting Into Practice What I Learnt From The Apprentice

I like to think that I am constantly evolving and learning, so I have now decided I can put into practice what I learnt on The Apprentice the other night.

Greatly encouraged by getting 5p off a chocolate muffin yesterday at the cafe at work, with hardly saying a word, today I went down with a plan of attack in mind.

I was a little too late to get the carvery sandwich (which I knew I would have to pay full price for as it is popular), they had run out. I was disappointed. But there were still some breakfast muffins. I questionned how long they had been there, then appeared disinterested but got an offer of 2 for 1.

How much? £1.90.

I didn’t want two, so I offered 80p for one – deal.

Apprentice candidates – learn from me.

Granted they probably would have thrown them in the bin 30 minutes later. But I still feel like I got a good deal.

And not only that, it looks like I have used my charm to persuade a beautiful young woman to be my dancing partner when Sven Vath comes to fabric on Saturday.

Quite why I would need any sales skills to persuade someone to go to one of the best nightclubs in the world to see one of the best DJs in the world (in my opinion, the best), playing all night, except for a 1 hour break, is beyond me.

This is such a good clubbing opportunity that I was even prepared to brave it on my own.

Yesterday, I had the interview for the sales support role that I applied for – I think I did well, on reflection there was one question on which I fumbled which may have decreased my chances, but I like to think that I have given myself a chance. I know I will have very strong competition as is always the case for internal roles at the company I work for, I hope that I am the type of employee that they are looking for.

It goes without saying that I would be disappointed not to get it, but at the same time, I am realistic with regards to their always being other good candidates – either way, I enjoyed the interview, met new people, learnt more about the company I work for and enjoyed giving my presentation, so whatever happens I have won, but if I get the job then I keep on winning!

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