Quick Weekend Review & Fucksticks

Another good weekend just gone.

Friday night, I went to meet Martin and Martin to watch the football. Sadly The Turks were being shit as they were showing the Paul Scholes testimonial of all things rather than a proper football game. That is the pub, not 80 million people in a big country which might be European.

So we went to Great Expectations in time for the second half. They have a very wide range of chips, by the way. Well actually the chips are the same on each dish, but the toppings differ.

Ull Citeh played well I thought, that Brady kid from Man Utd, sadly only on loan, is something quite special. The Irish Messi? Sadly we lost to a sucker-punch goal near the end. I very much remain to be convinced by our goalie on loan from Liverpool, Galusci, he really did not look comfortable and made several simple mistakes.

The night ended up quite spectacularly messy.

Saturday was a write-off.

Sunday, I very nearly spent the day in bed, but I got a call from Martin & JP which was a far better idea, and went to join them in London Street Brasserie – sadly I had already eaten as their roast dinner looked amazing – I have to go and eat there. Next was Old Orleans. A pleasant mixing of drinks and just an all-round good day and evening.

I woke up happy and productive this morning. And now I am at work. Fucksticks. What have I done to deserve this?

No significant plans except for Elsewhere at Afrobar on Saturday and probably fabric afterwards.

Random picture because more people look if I include a picture:

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