Ranting – I Have A Blog For That

I need a rant. Ooh, I’ve got a blog for that.

I appreciate that I should not rant about this on the internet but my frustration is boiling over. I asked my superior if I could leave an hour early next Friday, to which the reply was “Do you not realise that it is the last day for processing?”

Processing what exactly? The dearth of anything substantial to do is driving my mildly crazy. I am employed to make a contribution towards a company’s success. That generates personal satisfaction. I do not like sitting here all day doing jack. I can cope with it, I am learning new things, and entertaining myself.

But to be questioned as to if I really need to leave an hour early because there is the off-chance that there might be something to process? There are three of us anyway who could do it. I am led to believe that the proverbial shit does hit the fan sometimes, and I will be happy to stay if that is the case. But given that I have had nothing to process since Tuesday, I do not foresee this possibility.


I do really like the company I work for. And I know that there are lots of people out there who would quite happily be paid to read the news and listen to music all day. But I like achieving.

I’m sure I recall a chewing gum manufacturer had a song about my dilemma.

But to really rub salt into the wounds, I just went to go get a sandwich from the deli at the opposite end of the building, a tiring 5 minute walk away. Lamb carvery. But extremely tight on the meat levels. And the bread roll was rather dry.

But what really topped it off for me was the cutting in half of said sandwich. DO NOT CUT A MAN’S SANDWICH IN HALF.

I feel demasculated. Just because I like rosé wine does not mean I have grown breasts and therefore require my sandwich cutting in half.

Perhaps I should have paid attention and stopped her from doing so, but I was probably distracted by breasts, sorry, a rather attractive young lady that walked by.

Yes I know my subject is perhaps trivial in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a little light entertainment, after all the internet is a playground for us all 🙂

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