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My 500th blog post is to annouce a response from Tesco to my complaint about the baby sprouts – and the fact that they have offered me a refund!  62 pence.  Every little helps?

I may have to mention the fact that I often have to queue at their express store for more than 5 minutes as they only have one person serving despite several others in the store and the one person serving doesn’t bother ringing for help.

I really don’t like shopping in Tesco, but yet I still do…why…because it is 2 minutes from my door.

************* My further response ****************

Dear Ann
Thank you for your response – they only cost 62p so a refund is not necessary. I have attached a picture of said sprouts – I did not keep the bag.
The only reason I shop at Tesco is when I cannot be bothered or are too off my tits to go to my preferred supermarkets of Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, Tesco Express is 2 minutes from my door – Morrison’s and Sainsburys about 15-20 minutes.
Perhaps the quality of fruit and veg at a main Tesco store is better than the Express stores. It is certainly superior at Morrisons and Sainsbury’s – perhaps you should do a comparison on quality. I also find Tesco Express as expensive as Sainsbury’s and more so than Morrisons.
I also take amusement at the word ‘Express’ as normally it is anything but quick at the Tesco Express I use (on London Road in Reading) as there will be one person serving and 5-10 people in the queue…not all the time but more often than not. This is despite several people working in store at once. May I suggest that when a queue starts to build that the lone cashier rings for assistance rather than waiting until frustration is showing on all customer’s faces.
I hope my further feedback is of assistance.
Kind regards
James Winfield

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