RIP Frankie Knuckles

I thought it was an April Fool’s joke when I read the news
this morning as I woke up but then I realised that you don’t make jokes about
this kind of thing.
Legend is an over-used word but Frankie Knuckles is a true legend to house music.
There from the days of disco, through to when he moved to
Chicago to head the Warehouse club and still relevant to 2014.
Known as the Godfather of House – house music would have
still existed without his input, but it is arguable that the music that makes
our world go around may not be called ‘house’ music where it not for his
absolutely legendary residency at the Warehouse.
His productions were timed with the explosion of acid house
in the UK – Baby Wants To Ride, and Tears being two seminal classics that still
sound relevant today, but it is “Your Love” that he will surely be remembered
most for.
It is ever so admirable that he created such snippets of joy
for so many millions of people around the world to experience – music that can lift
you so high and change your mood for the better within seconds – it is surely
impossible to listen to “Your Love” and not feel the warmth and love that
exudes from this production – which is the essence of what house music is all
And from what I have read about Frankie Knuckles, the essence of what he was all about.
Frankie Knuckles was one of those people that changed the
world for the better through the beauty of music and I am very grateful for his existence.
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