Rugby League

One of the things I most miss about the north, by living down south, is rugby league.

It has a very different dynamic to supporting a football team, it can be just as intense and as passionate, if not more so, but it doesn’t matter so much if you lose, as there is not so often a sense of injustice, and when there is a sense of injustice, you know what what goes around does come around.

Add onto that that there is a salary cap, and the players are real humans, and really do seem to care, and it is in my eyes, much easier to follow than football.

And coming from Hull, we have two rugby league teams, Hull FC and Hull KR, representing the west of the River Hull and east of the River Hull, respectively. And there isn’t the violence and animosity that you would get say between Chelsea and Millwall – at least not with the fans anyway. The players do a good enough job of that on the pitch (see video in link for latest example).

I also think it is a far more intelligent game than football.

I do wish there was a pub in the town centre and I had some people to go watch it with…but then again…when would I get time? Music and friends are more important than sport, so watching rugby league will have to wait until I am 65 and have retired and gone back to being a hooligan in Hull.

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