Samsung No Fun

I’m not really getting any inspiring responses from my complaints at the moment, this is about the best I have had recently:

Dear Sir

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 last year. It is a fantastic piece of technology.

However – two major problems.

1. I dropped my phone and the screen cracked. Its ok, its only a phone, I can deal with it. However – my previous phones from other manufacturers have not had the same issue with far more stress to them.

2. Typing. You recently released a new firmware update and now the way I text has to change because of it – patterns I was using are no longer recognised.

Not the end of the world as I have downloaded a better keyboard as an app – but it just makes Samsung look a bit….unrefined (or crap).

I wanted to give you feedback to help you in the future – the phone was very very good but for these two problems annoy me too much.

Therefore my next phone upgrade will not be a Samsung (though it certainly will not be the American dictator fruit company either).

I wish you all the best from the Royal county of Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Kind regards
James Winfield


Dear James,

Thank you for contacting Samsung.

We always look forward to hearing customer feedback and comments.

We’re grateful for the feedback you have provided.

We hope you continue to enjoy the products you have now and that you get the chance to experience some of the amazing products and services we have coming in the future.

I’ve passed your comments on to various departments who will use them to improve the experience of using our products and services. Thank you for your input.

Kind regards,

Online Support Team
SAMSUNG Customer Support Centre


Boring.  At least they replied though.

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