I have noticed a significant increase in selfishness, and self-obsession with people at the moment. Well I have been noticing it for at least a year now. I wonder if I was always deluded in that I have not particularly noticed it in the years preceeding?

I think I know what to blame, and that is the recession. Many people have become worried about their financial security, and many probably have debt issues. I am seeing examples constantly nowadays of people just not caring about anyone but themselves.

I still believe that to be successful in life, you have to do what you can to ensure those around you; family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, are looked after in whatever way you can. I’m sure I don’t always get it right myself, but the intention is there.

Unfortunately greedy selfish people also seem to be successful – notice the bankers, and England football players, though I wonder how many of them are truly happy given the vitriol against them recently?

It’s a sad state of affairs and I believe it is making society a worse place. I don’t like society as much as I used to. Maybe I am just used to more of a community feel coming from up north – then again it was a pretty violent and crime-ridden community, so maybe that is a delusion.

Maybe everyone is out for themselves. I guess I am, but I want those that I care about and care about me to be as equally successful and happy, if not more as in a very selfish greedy way, that will make my life better 😉

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