Sky TV Are Shit

Following a letter from a debt collection agency regarding a debt allegedly due by myself to Sky TV, I thought I would write about how I despise Sky TV:

1. When signing up in August 2009, we were advised 2 weeks for broadband installation.  It was approximately a month.
2. The Sky box regularly decommissioned itself to the point where I gave up trying to fix it.
3. When I gave 4 weeks notice, they advised that the broadband would have to be cancelled 2 weeks into this notice period – seriously fucking unacceptable if I am paying for it.
4. When I cancelled, they carried on billing me.
5. When I advised that they were still billing me, they promised to cancel the account, and then continued to bill me and then handed my account to a debt collection agency (who only required a 2 minute phone call from me to explain the debt is not due so this is clearly a recurring issue they have).
6. Sky TV fund the extortionate wages paid to cocks like John Terry, and also control the majority of sports broadcasting in the UK through very high subscription fees.
7. 95% of the channels are shit.

Unfortunately I prefer Sky News to the Labour-supporting BBC, but thankfully that is available on Freeview or the internet.

Glad to have got that off my chest.

Feel free to add to the list if you also think Sky TV are shit.

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