I have done a lot of partying in my life so far.  A hell of a lot of drinking.  More hours on the dancefloor than at school (possibly).  And I have had a bloody good time.

But the last couple of weeks, I have been mostly sober, done very little in the way of “traditional fun” like going out, and I have still enjoyed myself and been happy.

A couple of years ago I would have gone totally crazy had that been the case.

Yes, you heard it here first, I am quite enjoying relaxing, sober and relatively quiet weekends.

Now my redundancy money has totally gone and I have to pay back the council for their fuck-up, my budget does not allow for partying every weekend, so I have to be a bit clever about it.  I can only party 3 weekends a month, so I am kind of forced into it, but in a very accepting kind of way.  So I chose the first two weekends after pay-day to chill out, as I am in London next weekend…and it is fabric’s birthday the weekend after (not that I plan on going…but you never know!!).  Also it made sense to have a rest after crazy September.

I am enjoying not hanging out of my arse all Sunday and Monday, actually getting things done and being able to make an effort towards achieving other goals in life.

There is life after partying.

But don’t worry, I haven’t turned totally boring yet.  All about getting my priorities right.

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