The Future Is Fracking. And My Future Is Fracking

I have thought long and hard about this decision since last night and have decided that I should get involved with the Fracking industry, as this should be the future of energy supplies in the UK.

Clearly I do not have a 1 kilometre long pipe, or a drill, or any suitable chemicals to pump under the ground so I am using the knowledge I do have to create a forum to discuss fracking as it is a tiny bit controversial but is the future of affordable energy in this country.

Hopefully I will create a burgeoning website/forum in time to extract the most out of this very exciting futuristic industry.

The domain has been purchased – – all I need to do now is get building the site, sort out some hosting and persuade Geoffrey Osborne (as Obama calls our Chancellor…and you thought Bush was dumb) to expand the limited fracking trial, hope a few people get upset and I will become a fracking baron.

Finally I will be rich.

I love me and I love my genius.

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