The Most Important Vote of 2014

No not the Scottish Independence vote, or the European Elections (you do know there are European elections in May, don’t you?).

But the NAME CHANGE vote.

Anyone who has seen the badge on my coat, the banners on Facebook or pays any vague interest to football will know that our owner is trying to change our name from the historic and traditional Hull City AFC, to the ridiculously cheesy Hull Tigers, all because Hull CITY Council won’t give him the football stadium for free.

So after denying that we needed a poll to say what the fans supported, back in November, as soon as the FA advise that they will be recommending to reject the proposed name change, the owners suddenly say “Yes we need a poll, we always said were going to have one”.

The poll should simply read:

Do you agree with the proposed name change to “Hull Tigers”? – YES/NO

But of course the owner who has run our club during the best part of our footballing history, and rescued us from a serious debt (albeit we are now in debt to him, at 5% interest), has decided to make it a vote on him and his family running the club.

So in the name of fair polling as I am sure our erstwhile Egyptian owner has plenty of historical experience of, he has issued a totally disgracefully loaded question assumedly after reading the Putin Book of Democracy, as thus:

* Yes to Hull Tigers with the Allam family continuing to lead the club
* No to Hull Tigers
* I am not too concerned and will continue to support the club either way

So in other words, if you want the owner to stay, and the vast majority of fans do despite him telling us we are thugs, hooligans and can die when we want, you have to vote Yes to Hull Tigers.

The No to Hull Tigers option, then implies that you will not continue to support the club with the way the dodgy third option is included.

As a Hull City fan I am well used to dodgy deceitful owners, but this is almost the worst as he was our saviour and him and his family as should be local heroes yet they try their hardest to piss off all the fans – and believe me many of us are ‘raaht fooked off’.

Tomorrow’s game may see the first Allam Out chants.

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