To The One I Love Most In The World…

If I cannot treat the one I love most in the whole world today, when can I?

Yes two Sirloin steaks for the bargain price of £4 all for myself.

If you are a hot chick reading this, don’t even think about worming your way into my Valentine’s plans tonight, I wouldn’t even share them in exchange for a blow job.

I did have a little love for those around me so I bought my colleagues some Love Hearts.

And finally I treat myself to a very overpriced bit of heart-shaped chocolate with little bits on it that are all over the floor near my desk and will be until the lease is up on this office building and they owners need to find new tenants, as we don’t have cleaners (except for the toilets which I guess is kind of useful).

Kisses and hugs if you are hot, handshakes if not xxx

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