Top 100 DJ Polls

I thought I might do a little comparison of DJ Mag and Resident Advisor’s top ten DJs, as voted for by their respective public.

Of course, my opinion is subjective.

DJ Mag

10. Axwell.  I recall liking one of his tracks back in 2003/04.  He has no relevance to me now, not quite a cheese grater to the ears, but quite possible vomit-inducing.
9. Ferry Corsten.  I used to love the trance stuff that he produced around 1997-98.  I also used to wear white socks.
8. Markus Shultz.  I am led to believe that he is a trance DJ.  See point 9.
7. Gareth Emery.  I am led to believe that he is a trance DJ.  See point 8 and 9.
6. Paul Van Dyk.  I used to idolise him in 2003.  Then I heard him play almost exactly the same set in 2004 and the penny suddenly dropped.
5. Above & Beyond.  Yet another trance act.  I did like one of their tracks once.
4. Deadmau5.  The guy is a cock.  You have to admire his ability but I am unable to connect with his music.  I do not especially want my DJs to have a fucking mouse on their head.
3. Tiesto.  Again, I used to be really into him around 2003.  I moved on – he moved backwards.  And somehow commands ridiculous fees for playing anti-music.
2. David Guetta.  You may not be surprised to know that I enjoyed what he was doing in 2004, but this was not the same come 2006.  However you may be surprised that I do respect him as he doesn’t pretend to be someone that he isn’t.
1. Armin Van Buuren.  I feel that I am being rather repetitive, but I used to like him around 2003.

Resident Advisor

10. Marcel Dettmann.  I find his breed of techno very dark and uninspiring.  I do not connect with it.  Perhaps too underground for me.
9.  Luciano.  I used to love him in 2005/06, and like him a lot probably up until I saw him play too many a cappellas at fabric late last year.  I would still definitely go see him if only for the atmosphere that he manages to create for which I know few DJs who can surpass.
8. John Digweed.  I used to like progressive house around 2002.  I haven’t liked it since.  Though I don’t dislike it.
7. Dixon.  Not seen him, but what I have heard of him has impressed me.
6. Jamie Jones.  Right at the top of my must-see DJs that I have not seen list.  I absolutely love his productions and everything he does.
5. Ben Klock.  Again a bit too harsh and serious for my liking.
4. Loco Dice.  Been loving his work since about 2005 and he has actually stepped up further in my estimations this year.
3. Seth Troxler.  I love his energy and his spirit.  I first heard of him last year but didn’t like half of the tracks that he played, but now he spends far more of his time in Europe than the USA from what I gather, and I definitely connect to his music now and he is near the top of my must-see DJs that I have not seen list.
2. Richie Hawtin.  I prefer music from vinyl than laptop by a long way, and also much prefer to hear tracks in their original beauty – however Richie is one DJ I hugely admire and I do enjoy what he does despite him doing it in a way that is anathema to my preferences.
1. Ricardo Villalobos.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love his productions and DJing – I’m not quite sure why he isn’t my favourite DJ in the world.  Perhaps if I had seen him as much as Sven then he would be.  I just hope he doesn’t follow up on last year’s comments to give up house music!  The world is a far far better place with him.  My world is anyway.

I feel I may have adequetly outlined the difference between them without the need for a concluding paragraph.  One features shit DJs, the other features excellent DJs.  I hope I have been excellently condescening.

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