Two New Blogs

Yes, whilst you have been chilling out at work, relaxing at your desk eating apples and chatting on Facebook all day, I have been busy expanding my empire.

Two brand new blogs for you to read whilst at work – don’t say I don’t think of you all.

Firstly, a blog for my artwork.  Simply because I wanted somewhere separate to profile my burgeoning artistic career – I think you could call it a portfolio.

Secondly, because I have bought some CDJs, I thought I should have a separate blog to chart my rise from bedroom DJ, to becoming Hull/Reading’s version of Sven Vath.

Don’t worry, I haven’t yet lost grip of reality and my place in society – I am aware of who I am.

If anyone is kind enough to give me some feedback on the design of my new blogs compared to my original ones, I would much appreciate it, and I will let you be my groupie for either my first Cocoon set, or first exhibition at The Tate.

Much love, I wish you all a super weekend x

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