Unsuccessful Job Application & General Life Update

I feel quite reasonable today, I even got up early and was 30 minutes early for work – crazy stuff!  Means I can leave at 5pm which will be much appreciated.

I didn’t get the sales support role that I applied for.  I did have a feeling in the interview that I didn’t get it and that they had someone else in mind.  But I enjoyed the interview and the presentation – does that make me strange?

Apparently I gave a very good presentation, though I didn’t show enough confidence – I would agree for the first minute or so I didn’t but after that I thought I was.  Oh and I didn’t show enough enthusiasm for my current role…erm, I cannot argue with that – although things have generally been much better at work in recent weeks, bar a shitty day yesterday though maybe that was the comedown talking!

And the other positive thing is that there is exactly the same position available for a different sales department which has just been advertised.  I shall not waste the opportunity.

Unsurprisingly I still have a big smile on my face after Sven on Saturday!

I’m actually probably busier this week than I ever have been in this role!  Trying to be productive at home too as I have a feeling that despite a precarious financial position that this weekend is going to be a little hectic.  Champions League final to watch, Reading play-off final, oh and the Elsewhere party at Afrobar on Sunday – free to get in, my good friends Matt and Terry are playing.  I will endeavour to be there the whole 8 hours to make up for missing the last one.  Please join me!

Sadly no sign of good weather for this weekend.  Bits of rain and some wind too.  Currently hoping for a significant improvement come 3rd June, just in time for the next weekend.  It looks like it will reach 20’C on current projections – but 30’C for the north of France…oh so close!  But things can and will change.  Don’t forget that I moved all my weather forecasts to my weather-only blog, to keep things a bit more focused.

Don’t be surprised if you see a little more in the way of blogging from me, I have only blogged 16 times here this month which is the lowest monthly total ever.

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