Visionquest At fabric, Jaded At Cable (oops) And A Walk Along The Thames

I have decided against disturbing my vocal chords today, or at least my brain has decided not to activate them.  It appears that I have limited resources so I fear my review of the excellent night out on Saturday may be a little limited in descriptive vocabulary compared to what it deserves, I appear to have used more resources than I originally anticipated and therefore I need to conserve my limited resources for more productive matters.

I remember putting in a lot of effort to try to persuade my delightful collection of friends to come to fabric with me almost 5 years ago when our friendship group started to blossom, sadly to no avail in the early years.  I reckon there was about 20 of us there on Saturday which is a pretty damn excellent turn-out!  If only we had a fabric or similar in Reading!

Visionquest is made up of Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss, all from Detroit scene, and all causing quite a stir in the underground over the past couple of years, generating quite a lot of hype.

And they totally lived up to the hype for my first experience.  I arrived at fabric in style – much later than anticipated and in a transit van for my choice of vehicle.  Being a member I swanned into the full club leaving hundreds queuing outside in my wake…yes I do enjoy the benefits of smugness that comes with fabric membership, the cheaper entry and priority entrance over VIPs.

I missed the warm-ups but caught two of the Visionquest guys playing live, I think it was Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss but not entirely sure, my sobriety levels had faded quickly upon entrance and vision was not a quest that fabric was allowing me to chase with the ever-bewildering lights, laser and smoke displays which make the atmosphere even more special (many nightclubs seemingly do all this at random which is quite frankly annoying).

And then Seth came on afterwards, always seemingly the centre of attention and he did not disappoint.  A lot of melody in his music, kind of reminded me in some ways of what I was listening to in 1999 in my trance days…albeit this was heavily techno influenced as you would expect of those from Detroit…just with some similar elements to trance music…perhaps why Seth and co have generated such a lot of excitement in such a short time.

I left at a disappointingly early hour somewhere between 7am and 8am I think, only to find myself shortly afterwards at a night called Jaded at Cable.  This was also rather superb, a true collection of proper club kids in there and a very friendly atmosphere, one girl did insist on walking around the club with my bottle of beer upon her head which concerned me as I quite wanted to drink it.  They are quite picky on the door and did question my sobriety upon entrance but I apparently passed the test.
Once inside we were treated to some excellent music by Konrad Black, delightfully dark and spooky at times, perfect for that completely wrong time in the morning.

I eventually decided shortly before midday that I really should go home, I received instructions on how to do so but once outside the club I decided that I knew where I was and could walk to the tube station easily, as I recall being at Cable previously, however I later figured out that it was Cargo that I was thinking of, and Cargo is in Shoreditch, Cable in London Bridge, so yes I didn’t have a clue where I was.

So I ended up wandering around lost, not quite as lost as the guy dancing to himself at the side of the road 5 minutes walk away from the club, and ended up having a pleasant walk along the Thames, trying to look like a tourist as opposed to someone who had spent the previous 9 hours in deranged nightclubs.

I was suitably impressed with Tower Bridge, very impressive structure.

And yes, I started writing this on Monday, and it has taken until Wednesday to get around to finishing it.

Oh and I have found an excellent new mix from Sven – not a drop of techno but very enjoyable.

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