Vote Tory, Get…Socialism?

Urgh.  The nasty party is coming back.  Socialism, nationalism, populism and killing animals for sport.

Let’s start with fox hunting.  I’m neither hare nor there when it comes to the matter.  I understand the pomp and revelry, I also understand that there should be some kind of control of the fox population.  But why on earth there is need to re-instate it as a sport?

I understand killing animals for food, or for pest control.  But not for fun.  And that includes fishing.

And yes, there will be a free vote on it, so bringing fox hunting back is not government policy per se, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out what the outcome of a free vote with a 100+ majority will be.

Then we have the nationalism/populism, with the reiteration of the 10’s of thousands target for net immigration.

Corbyn has a chance of meeting this but only through scaring anyone that has a level of aspiration greater than collecting benefits, to emigrate.  Why on earth we insist on such a ridiculous target which could only feasibly be met in a recession, especially given our increasing demand for government services (namely pensions, NHS) that have to be paid through increasing amounts of taxpayers.

For example, why do we want to put a limit on the numbers of students coming to study at our universities?  Firstly they pay the full whack of fees, helping to fund our university sector, helping subsidise university costs for UK students, and helping our universities continue to be some of the best in the world.  Not to mention that some of these students, if we actually allow any of them to stay, will be the creators of the next Google – why wouldn’t we want such talented people in our country?

Plus the idea that the government knows the amount of immigrants that businesses need is preposterous.

So then we get onto socialism.

If there is one thing that I cannot abide by, it is economic-destruction brought about my socialism.

Markets sometimes do need some element of intervention – for example where a company’s monopoly position is pricing out customers, or where there is a cartel controlling the prices.

But there simply is no reason for this punitive market-distorting price-cap – something similar of which only 2 years ago was rightly condemned by the Conservative Party as marxist.

Despite the popular misconception, the energy market is neither a monopoly (100+ suppliers) or a cartel.  Yes they make a profit (though 3 of the big 6 made a loss last year) but that is nothing to be ashamed of in a capitalist society.  If you want lower prices, than we need higher supply of electricity and gas.  Though the same people that complain about relatively high energy prices are often those that complain of wind farms being built, or fracking drills proposed.

Or we could look at reducing regulations intended on encouraging renewables.

Price caps tend to lead to higher prices, through lower supply.  For an extreme version, look at the whole economy of Venezuela.

And why just price caps on energy?  Why not on food, housing, clothes, etc?  The answer, is because that it is popular to bash energy companies – a perfect example of populism.

Not only is this policy outright wrong, it also gives bad signals.  Does this mean Theresa thinks that other policies in Ed Miliband’s manifesto of 2015 should be considered?  Is Theresa suggesting that maybe some of Corbyn’s policies are worth considering?

Is Theresa May even leading the Conservative party?  All I see is vote Theresa.  Vote Theresa and her team.  What happened to the Conservative party?

Theresa May seems as interested in asking people to vote Conservative as Labour MP’s seem interested in putting Corbyn on their propaganda.

If I still thought of myself as a Conservative, I would be offended.

Theresa May does not represent the Conservative party of Thatcher, of Major or of Cameron.  It’s a curious mix of socialism, nationalism and populism.  Or simply, anything to keep the Daily Mail happy.

It doesn’t make me happy.  I am further away from voting for Therera’s Team than ever.  How can someone who reveres Thatcher, vote for socialist policies?

It is now only a 30% chance that I will vote Tory, sorry, I mean vote Theresa.  A 10% chance that I will vote Liberal Democrat.  0% that I will vote Labour, Green or UKIP.

Which means a 60% chance that I will spoil my vote.  Unless there is someone else to vote for.  Maybe I should run?  I could be the next Emmanuel Macron.  I used to work for a bank, what more do you need?

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