War With Spain

Another example of why I can no longer support this current government occurred this weekend, when we had some horrid comments from Michael Howard suggesting that we would go to war with Spain over Gibraltar.

An utterly unnecessary threat to a fellow European country, for which there is a continued long-standing territorial dispute, but one that I believe is a close ally of ours.
Sure, if Spain had moved a couple of battalions and its warships within the vicinity of Gibraltar, or there was serious intelligence to suggest that it was about to embark upon a military strategy to conquer Gibraltar, then issue threats of military action.
But it hasn’t.  The tabloids are getting worked up because Spain is being treat the same as all other 26 EU countries when it comes to deciding upon the deal.
If there is no prospect of war, which there isn’t, why threaten it?
Theresa May didn’t even disown the comments like she had previously slapped down Boris Johnson when he made unacceptable comments, stating that she preferred “jaw-jaw”.
How pathetic.  Fallon, Howard and May all contributing over the weekend to the continued political decline of this great country, with their pathetic threats.
I am so pleased to have officially disassociated myself with this government.
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